Plastic reef to help protect Dubai shoreline

2011-7-5 12:07:13

DUBAI (July 5, 2011) -- Dubai's Eco Plastic Industries has come up with a novel method for protecting the country's shoreline from erosion and tidal damage -- an artificial reef made from recycled plastic.

The structures, which will be placed along the Arabian Gulf to replace lost coral reefs, will be located in accordance with Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines on marine protection. They will be monitored by underwater cameras to ensure they are functioning properly.

Gerry Sherard, sales and marketing manager at Eco Plastic's partner company, Ecosol, said: "We want to give people a reason to want to recycle. Seeing how their waste plastics have been turned into something useful for underwater life gives a sense of responsibility and pride to the children."

The initiative was announced to coincide with World Oceans Day.

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