Order Mode

>> PGS-AOBS order mode
PRODUCTION AGAINST SAMPLE (After order,before shipment)

STEP 1: The buyer and seller sign the PI / PO / SC.
proforma invoice
Purchase Order
Sales contract

                 the PI / PO / SC should contains all the details of the quality /quantity / delivery time / 
                 payment term / price term / documents requirements.
                 both of the buyer & seller should sign on the PI / PO / SC.

STEP 2: Payment / Deposit
                 the buyer should made the payment of total order amount / deposit to the seller on time.
                 about the mode of payment, when & percentage of the amount should paid,
                 please refer to 

After the seller received the total order amount / deposit from the buyer.
                The seller should made the pre-production samples on time which as the PI / PO / SC
                about the pre-production samples,
                please refer to 

                - [ TIME OUT principle ]
                   During the pre-production samples process,the seller may send several times photos of 
                   the re-bulit artwork(s) for plate bulit / preview of the printing artwork / color(s) of the item /
                   Printing ready item .... and so on, at the same time, the seller will let the buyer know the 
                  deadline of each time confirmation. 
                  But if the buyer did not confirm on time, the seller have the right to carry out the process 
                  without the buyer's confirmation, And the seller have the right decline all the responsibility
                  by the buyer's time-out confirmation.

               -  [ Key process principle]
                  call the buyer's attention especially to the PRINTING ARTWORK & RE-BULIT ARTWORK
                  when the buyer made the clear confirmation on  the PRINTING ARTWORK and (or) 
                  RE-BULIT ARTWORK.
                  The Printing plate can not amend on any place, other wise the buyer would like to paid the 
                  plate cost again to bulit a new printing plate.
                  but, after printing process, if the buyer need to amend / adjust the printing artwork 
                  The buyer should paid the plate charge cost & material cost & printing cost again.

STEP 4: The seller send the pre-production sample to the buyer for approve.
the seller should send the pre-production sample to the buyer for appove on time.
                 the 1st time courier charge which to sending the pre-production sample, total express charge 
                 paid by the buyer.

- The buyer also can request the cooperative express company to pick up the pre-production
                   sample from the seller's place under the freight collect term. 
                   The buyer can pace a pick up order to the international express company from the buyer's local. 
                  The pick-up service by below express company acceptable by the seller:
                  UPS / FEDEX /  TNT / DHL 







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