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 Please note that:
1. if payment of your planning order with currency of RMB
2. if export declaration & export verification and cancellation of your planning order not declare by our
3. If your planning order request deliver to somewhere which in mainland of China

    please obtain the quotation service from our Chinese site:

Beside above conditions, please contact us with below infomation:

Online customer service system:
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Print your inquiry to our office printer Via Goolge cloud print service (Free)
Our Printer online: AM9:10- PM 18:00 (GMT+8 Time area) 
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Legal festivals & holidays in 2017:

Festival Vacation day
New year's day 31st-Dec to 2nd-Jan
The Spring Festival 23rd-Jan to 3rd-Feb
Tomb-sweeping Festival 2nd-Apr to 4th-Apr
Labor Day 29th-Apr to 1st-May
The Dragon Boat Festival 28th-May to 30th-May
The Mid-autumn Festival 4th-Oct
The National Day 1st-Oct to 8th-Oct




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