organizational structure of Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,LTD

Quality control
In 2012, we gained the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate, which has improved the whole management to a higher level
we are the one of leading suppler of the Ministry of Public Health of Saudi Arabia,and we pass his factory evaluation rules.
Our QC department contains:
Production Manger
IQC team(1director +2members)
IPQC team(1director +3members)
FQC team(1director +2members)
the 3 teams plus Production Manger's and other departments' management to assure our products' quality better and better.
- In our factory, there is one advanced desinfection chamber
- In our factory, every department have a locker room and employee clean room.
- In our factory, there is a 24hours Medical Treatment Room,provide 50%-Free medical service,provide physical examination for employees quarterly,provide free sterilization processing in workshops / dormitory / dining hall every day with the help of desinfection chamber

Safety control
we have been set up full set of fire fighting device in every departments & workshops & dormitories & dining halls & other public places.
all of the fire fighting device will re-checking / replace regularly by fire brigade station in our factory local.
- we have one emergency power plant to assure our factory 24hours' power on
- we DID not and never to employ child labor for ever.
- we have a Security Department(1Chief +10 members) to manage & carry out our factory's comprehensive safeguards institution.

Staff Management

- There are serial of comprehensive & humanitarian management policy.
- Our factory have own labor union & party branch (Communist Party of China) & Youth League branch
- We bought medical insurance & work-related injury insurance & insurance for unemployment for every employees & workers yearly.
- We do not allow extra hour work to any workers.
- There is long and always valid "We are a family" plan

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