Feedback Rating

Below was the incomplete data of the feedback rating from our customers:

How does the above datas comes from?
After we shipped each order,The After-sale Service Department of China Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Company will send the buyer one questionnaire (Quality of Service Feedback) with the shipping documents together when we sending the shipping documents to buyer.
Then,the Director of Service Department will send email,fax to customer to obtain the feedback informatiom.
At last,all the data will kept in the archives,statistic or copy to relevant departments if necessary.

The After-sale Service Department governed by our General Manager directly.
All Tianbai's salesman were unable to interfere with fair and equitable nature of the rating data from customers.
We guaranteed that to keep secret of all the customer information on the"Quality of Service Feedback" in the third party scope.

Below was one segment of the "Quality of Service Feedback" from our customer.
(Related customer privacy parts have been confidential treatment)
customer rating
If you are our customer,After shipment and before the cargos arrived at destination port.But you did not received a "Quality of Service Feedback"questionnaire.
Please download the "Quality of Service Feedback" from
If so,very sorry for our inapplication.
We will avoid this kind of situation to occur as possible as we can.

Of course,During the order execution,You can send your suggestions or complaints to our After-sale Service Department at any moment.
Email address of our After-sale Service Department:  Telphone:00865566815266-601
Our After-sale Service Department MUST give you a satisfactory answer with in 48 hours.
If our After-sale Service Department did not give you a satisfactory answer with in 48 hours.
Please contact with our General Manage-Mr.Cheng by telphone 008613866600818 or email to

We do wish that all our customers can obtain the good service from our company.
We will try our best to be done best for all customers according to all the suggestions,ratings,feedbacks and complaints from our customers.
Thank you for all the customers.

11/25/2010 9:11AM
After-sale Service Department

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